• I reluctantly left my mum’s womb on a cold winter’s day in 1973 in Hamme, a small town between Dendermonde and Sint-Niklaas in Belgium.
  • I should’ve come out a boy.
  • I spent a lot of time imagining I was someone else and from the moment I could walk, I started to live in my imaginary world.
  • I discovered the pleasures of masturbation by the age of 4 or 5, gratitude to my teddy bear.
  • I attended a catholic elementary school where I excelled at languages and was a promising draftsman.
  • I developed a strong sense of (in-)justice.
  • I fell in love with Actarus.
  • I also excelled at beating up my fellow classmates so my mum signed me up for karate lessons, where I turned out to be the next Bruce Lee and got discovered by Bloso who started preparing me for the Olympics (there were rumours back then that karate would become an Olympic discipline – it still isn’t!).
  • I almost shot my sister with a rifle I stole from a crazy neighbour.
  • I felt more and more like Huckleberry Finn.
  • We moved to Sint-Gillis, Dendermonde, where my parents took over a tavern.
  • Had my first out of control adolescent infatuation.
  • Doctors orders forced me into giving up karate.
  • The end of my world. (Part I)
  • I sought solace in an overdose and was forced into seeing a psychologist, which made me want to do it better next time.
  • I started smoking.
  • I practiced being socially inept.
  • Totally sucked at school.
  • Met The Cure and felt somewhat cured.
  • Changed schools a couple of times and ended up in a high school in Gent, where I got in touch with literature and poetry.
  • I found my spiritual home in the Romantic Age and Goethes Erben. I wrote artistic calligraphic love letters whilst more and more absorbed in my own private world, surrounding myself with dead soulmates like Goethe, Heine, Pushkin, Beethoven, Schubert, Verlaine, Lermontov, …
  • We moved to Sint-Niklaas.
  • Started violin lessons.
  • My misanthropic nature peaked.
  • Moved to Gent to study “Germaanse Talen” at the Ghent University.
  • Disappointed in my professors I left the Uni after 2 years. Besides, I never was that much of a student anyway.
  • Met my best friend and future roommate.
  • In 1997 I lived in Berlin for 3 months, where I worked in an antique book store. I still consider these the best 3 months of my life.
  • Back in Belgium (Sint-Niklaas), I made a valiant attempt at normality as I started my working life.
  • Moved to Gent, my current residence.
  • A boy named Hans made his spectacular entrance into my world and for a while my fantasy world and reality became one.
  • Needless to say this was too good to last.
  • The end of my world. (Part II)
  • Got a nervous breakdown from working in a hell of a call center.
  • Whilst convalescing from Hans, I wrote “poetry“, assisted by my friend Depression, though I preferred to call him my Romantic or melancholic soul.
  • Started to work as a mailman.
  • Gave up reading and everything that got me through the past years.
  • Became a Muse fan.
  • Ended up back in a call center, which is a safe place to work if you don’t always look like Miss Average.
  • Slowly drifting into Dementia.
  • Traded my car for a motorcycle.
  • Picked up lomo & photograpy in February 2010.
©Veerle Lambrecht

©Veerle Lambrecht

Quel Matto Sono Io


  • 2019 “100% Guzzista!” Enjoying life as a biker girl and the many friends that come with it. Seems that buying a bike was the best choice I ever made.
  1. tigerclaws says:

    Okay, so I can honestly say that i have Never EVER read such an awesomely written Bio – EVER!!

    I wished I continued reading it.. haha.. but hey, wanted to say I’ve been following you and like there are some (ok many) ”password protected” posts that I’d more than love to take a peek! 😉

    So uumm.. get back at me pls. and I hope we can connect more.. 🙂


  2. rjvb says:

    Upper right in this window, hover your mouse over ‘Fadorak’ next to the looking glass, select “Edit my profile” from the popup menu, and in the page that opens, click on “Change my gravatar”.

    Now if only someone cares to explain what word donated the ‘gr’ to the contraction…!

    • Fadorak says:

      Thx for your answer rjvb but I’ve done all that. I have a gravatar. It just never shows when I comment.. ?

      About the second part of your comment: care to elaborate?

  3. rjvb says:

    Wish I could help further … your gravatar does show when you open your profile settings, and you have tried changing it just for the heck of it?

    The 2nd part was about how they came up with gravatar instead of avatar. Appears I didn’t read the whole thing, ‘gr’ stands for globally recognised. And indeed, uploading one here changed my gmail pic :-/

    • Fadorak says:

      Ah, right. I did read that ;p I thought it had to do with my bio… Still none of my other avatars changed by creating this gravatar either. Oh well… It’s not something I’ll lose sleep over anyway. Thx for your help 😉

      • tigerclaws says:


        Did you manage to get and show ur gravatar?? What I understand is you want your gravatar to show in the replies as well… not the camera icon – right?

        Gravatar is a seperate “plug-in” website that is not connected or to do with WordPress. Go to and setup your gravatar there.. and it will link it with your wordpress.

        Sorry, I didn’t know you had written to me earlier!!

  4. Fadorak says:

    Oh look at that? Camera icon is just fine! I had nothing before. Nothing. No thingy.
    I was but a shallow figuration. Now I’m an icon!

    Thx for coming back, Tiger

  5. tigerclaws says:

    Damn it!! I keep forgetting the password to your password-protected posts!! 😦

    • Fadorak says:

      You no longer need a password to see the nudes page. The ones where you do need one at this time are still onder construction. I’ll let you know when they’re ready 😉

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