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I started shooting around February 2010, when I had just bought myself an Olympus Tough. For skate & snowboard pics originally.
Photography didn’t really interest me… Until my housemate introduced me to lomography!
And so, a new passion was born.
Unfortunately there was no such a thing as a digital lomo camera, so I “created” digilomo, as I dreaded the whole fuss with film and development.
I just wanted it to be fun & quick (as in easy to share).

I’ve really been enjoying myself so far and I hope you will be too by browsing through my pictures. Comments are much appreciated!
(Only your first comment will be moderated, it’s a WordPress thing)

My latest passion is nudes. Do not hesitate to contact me if you’d like to pose for me! 🙂

Focus Spocus van Isabella Salvatore is in licentie gegeven volgens een Creative Commons Naamsvermelding.

This means I’m ok with you using my pictures, as long as you link back to Focus Spocus or give me credit for it.

! The posts that are categorized under “Collages/Background Compilations” contain pictures that were found on the internet, that I used & edited. These are not 100% minebut it’s not always possible to give credit to those who deserve it.

Since I can no longer upload my images (without upgrading, I guess), I’ll be switching to another blog host.
Details soon!

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Door Monsters

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